1. My appendix tried to kill me.


  2. I’ve been grinding away the rust and painting my woodshop (shipping container) for most of the summer. Grinding is hard work. Two-part epoxy paint through a HVLP spraygun is magic.


  3. "Boy, all that hot dogging sure made me tired!"


  4. Hello Mr. Kristmann.


  5. One of my favorite photos of my dad. The power pole is where my woodshop is now. Medium format film.


  6. Finally got power. Only took 10 months.


  7. Scanning some hand drawn ninety-year-old prints of an old bank in Chicago. It’s going to be converted into a restaurant in the West Loop. The first step after scanning is to invert them to make the linework black.


  8. Back to Puerto Rico from Isla de Vieques.


  9. Northwestern is almost done hiding the body.